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HugeTECH “Start in Podkarpackie”

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Value delivered

Our branding and market research solutions led to every startup obtaining a clearly defined visual identity corresponding to market demands. By closely collaborating with HugeTECH and understanding the needs of their startups, we created captivating visual identities and landing page designs that effectively represented each brand. Our market guidelines have offered direction for growth, and our brand books ensured brands’ consistency across all platforms. Furthermore, our landing page designs have provided a positive user experience. The clients expressed satisfaction with the outcomes, and we continue working with them on upcoming projects.


HugeTECH is a startup incubator platform that supports innovative ideas and new businesses in their early stages. Their main activities include creating and implementing acceleration programs, providing business and marketing advice, cooperating with investors and corporations, and delivering services to small businesses and corporations. They help to bring innovative projects to the market and connect investors and corporations with the best ideas. HugeTECH aims to help startups in their development, sharing their knowledge and experience with others.


HugeTECH hired us to assist with the “Start in Podkarpackie” initiative. Our primary objective was to aid early-stage startups by conducting market research and developing branding strategies such as logo designs, visual identities, mood boards and brand books, and UX/UI design. We worked with a total of 37 startups throughout the cooperation. Every project differed in goals, scope and timeline.


Logo Design

Our logo design process began by creating several initial concepts based on our research and every client’s input. We then refined these concepts into a few options for the clients to review. Based on their feedback, we further developed the chosen design until it was finalized. We also provided guidelines for using the logo in different contexts. Our final logo design is to be versatile and able to adapt to various applications, from digital to print.

Visual Identity

To create the visual identity, we first started a mood board with typography, colours and imagery aligned with the client’s brand positioning statement. The mood board served as a reference point for the visual identity design. We then created a brand book that included guidelines for using the logo and its variations, typography, colour palettes, image styles and other visual elements. The brand book ensured that every startup would be consistently represented across all platforms and applications.

Website Design

Our designs are based on extensive workshops with clients or market and user research so that the final product can please the clients and their target users. The landing page design always reflected the overall visual identity of the brand, including the colour palette and typography. We also ensured that the layout and user interface would be easy to navigate and provide a positive user experience. We also created mockups of the landing pages for startups.

Market Research & Studies

Our market research and studies entail gathering and analyzing data on market-related aspects like customers, competitors, and industry trends. This process helps our clients better understand their target audience, identify growth opportunities, and refine their marketing strategies. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, focus groups, data analysis, competition and industry analysis. Ultimately, our market research and studies gave startups valuable insights and recommendations that helped them make brilliant business decisions.

Challenges and solutions

The most challenging aspect of collaborating with HugeTECH was comprehending the startups’ motivations and illustrating the possibilities that could be attained through the advisory hours granted as part of the incubation program. To suggest solutions that would cater to the startups’ most pressing needs at their present development stage, we evaluated their current technological readiness. We proposed the most proper scope of services. We organized several meetings and workshops with clients to collect feedback and confirm that their specifications were being met.