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Usability and communication audit
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Value delivered

The UX research and communication audit provided valuable insights into the target audience’s needs, preferences and the effectiveness of the brand’s communication strategy. Our research enabled iYoni’s team to create a more user-centred design and a communication strategy, allowing the app to continue providing a valuable service to women on their conception journey.


iYoni is a startup that offers an app to support women and their partners in conceiving a child. The app provides users with functions such as health data analysis, educational materials, exercises for couples and suggestions for addressing potential fertility issues.


iYoni team needed to conduct a usability and communication audit to understand the target audience’s unique needs and preferences. Through UX research, including in-depth interviews, we helped the client learn about users’ experiences, pain points, frustrations and coping mechanisms when dealing with fertility issues.

UX and Language Testing

To conduct the UX research for the iYoni project, we followed a comprehensive approach to understand the needs and pain points of the target audience. Our process began with initially exploring the product and the target audience. We conducted extensive workshops with the iYoni team to understand better their product, brand and target audience and their research needs and expectations.

The next step involved creating a research plan that consisted of multiple research methods, such as interviews and usability testing, to gather general insights about user needs, attitudes and behaviours, as well as a deeper understanding of how they perceive the app’s communication and functionalities.


Next, we conducted in-depth interviews with women to gain deeper insights into their experiences and emotions related to fertility and pregnancy. During these interviews, we also conducted usability testing to evaluate the app’s overall usability and identify areas for improvement. Through this research, we identified the target audience’s pain points, desires, and preferences. We used these insights to create recommendations for the iYoni team.


During individual interviews, we also tested the effectiveness of the language used in iYoni’s communication to understand how their audience perceived the brand and its messaging. Based on these insights, we provided recommendations for improving the brand’s communication strategy.

Challenges and Solutions

We faced challenges in fitting the project scope within the intended budget. To meet the client’s expectations and needs, we explored three research areas through a single method – individual in-depth interviews that combined elements of UX testing and communication and language audit. This approach proved highly effective, as the results allowed us to provide recommendations for each examined area without compromising the data quality.