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Customer journey audit and empathy mapping
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Value delivered

Research gave the Ministry of Finance valuable insights into their customers’ experiences. Our maps clearly showed pain points and suggested areas for improvement. Our recommendations offered actionable steps for enhancing the customer experience. Through our research, we demonstrated the benefits of a deep understanding of the customer, allowing the Ministry to identify areas for improvement and take specific actions to enhance its image. The Ministry can improve the customer journey at every touchpoint by improving accuracy and streamlining inquiry resolution.


The Ministry of Finance of Poland is a government agency responsible for managing the country’s finances and ensuring that taxpayers comply with the relevant regulations. As a government agency, the Ministry of Finance is committed to providing high-quality services to its clients. Still, it recognized opportunities to improve its image and customer experience at various touchpoints of the tax and office processes.


Our company was hired by the Ministry of Finance of Poland to conduct a customer journey audit and empathy mapping project for the Polish tax offices. We provided the Ministry with prioritized recommendations for enhancing the overall customer experience. The client needed to understand the customer journey better and identify pain points and areas for improvement. To achieve this, we introduced a range of research methodologies and techniques, including focus group discussions and in-depth interviews.

Customer Journey Audit

Our first step in the project was conducting a comprehensive customer journey audit. We worked closely with the Ministry’s team to identify customers’ various touchpoints and interactions with the agency, from the initial inquiry to the resolution of their queries. We then conducted focus group discussions with a differentiated sample of the Ministry’s clients to gain insights into their experiences at each touchpoint, including their expectations, pain points and areas for improvement.

Based on our research findings, we created a visual representation of the customer journey, highlighting the key moments of truth and pain points customers experience when interacting with the Ministry. We also provided detailed descriptions of each touchpoint and recommendations for improving the overall customer experience of individuals and business clients.

Empathy Mapping

In addition to the customer journey audit, we also conducted an empathy mapping to understand the Ministry’s clients better. Using that tool helped us develop a deep understanding of a customer’s needs, motivations and pain points. It involves creating a visual representation of the customers’ personas and then identifying the various emotions, behaviours and needs that they experience at each touchpoint to develop more targeted recommendations for improving their experience.

Challenges and Solutions

During the project, our team encountered several challenges that we had to overcome to deliver the best possible results for our client, the Ministry of Finance. One of our biggest challenges was recruiting participants for our research studies. As the research involved government entities, we needed to ensure that our participants were diverse and representative of the population. To address this challenge, we reached out to potential participants through various channels, such as our network of recruiters, social media and email campaigns.


Another challenge was the complexity of the government process and its different stages. A client’s journey interacting with the tax office is intricate, and we needed to ensure that we captured every touchpoint in the customer journey map. We proposed several scenarios used in individual and group interviews to solve this issue.


Lastly, we faced the challenge of presenting the research findings from over 100 interviewed clients in a way that would be usable and actionable by the Ministry of Finance. We addressed this by carrying a visually engaging report that used clear and concise language and detailed visual representations of the customer journey map and empathy map.