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Research panel web application design & dewelopment
Branding Development Landing page UI & Design UX Web & Mobile design

Value delivered

Our team delivered a high-quality web application that met the client’s goals and provided value to their business. The application was fully functional, optimized for performance and provided an excellent user experience for researchers and participants. Thorough research, strategic planning, user-centred design, rigorous testing, and optimization resulted in a practical web application for Modi’s business.


Modi is a brand created by a research company that planned to design and launch its online research platform. The panel would allow researchers to connect with participants in partner relationships, where they could publish their studies and collect data for analysis.


The client required a fully-functional web application for their research panel. Thorough research helped us understand the client’s objectives and requirements. We used the findings to develop a sitemap, create a prototype with branding and map out processes in BPMN notation. Throughout the ten-month project, we guided the client through each stage of the process, overseeing everything from ideation to development.


Research & Discovery

We began by researching to understand the client’s business goals, industry, target audience and competition. We then held workshops with Modi’s team to define user personas and user journeys and map out the application’s features and functionalities.


The client desired a broad user base, making creating user personas that accurately represented the entire audience challenging. To address this issue, we conducted additional research and narrowed down the target audience to the most relevant segments.

Strategy & Planning

We developed a strategy and plan for the web application’s design, functionalities and features using the insights we gained from the research and discovery phase. We created a sitemap to define the application’s information architecture and wireframes to visualize the interface.

One of the challenges we faced was identifying the key features and functionalities of the web application. To overcome this, we held multiple workshops with Modi’s team members to prioritize features and align on the application’s goals.

Design & Prototyping:

We created a brand identity, logo and visual design system for the web application, including a colour scheme, typography and iconography. We used the wireframes from the previous phase to create a high-fidelity prototype.


Ensuring that the application would be easy to use and navigate for researchers and participants was another challenging part of the designing process. To overcome this, we conducted user testing to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Testing & Optimization and Development

After the high-fidelity prototype was approved, our team moved into development to bring the web application to life. We conducted rigorous testing to ensure the application was bug-free and optimized for performance and data security issues. We also optimized the application’s user experience based on feedback from user testing.


Ensuring compatibility with various web browsers and devices posed a significant challenge during development, especially considering the primary functionality of hosting surveys within the platform. We conducted thorough testing on multiple platforms to address this and implemented necessary adjustments.