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AI-powered insurance comparison website
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Value delivered

This project highlights our dedication to comprehending our client’s needs and developing a solution in the insurance industry that was unfamiliar to us at the start of the project. By closely collaborating with the client, we delivered a prototype of an insurance comparison website that is personalized for individual customers. We developed the front end and are currently working on the back end of the application, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms to provide customized insurance recommendations that cater to the user’s specific requirements.


UmbrellAI is a startup company that aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by creating an AI-powered insurance comparison platform. Their platform enables individual customers to buy any insurance policy online without needing a face-to-face meeting with an insurance agent while ensuring that the policy precisely meets their needs.


The customer goal was to create UmbrellAI, an AI-powered insurance comparison website, from scratch. We dedicated ample time to research, discovery, prototyping and testing to ensure the final product was user-friendly and aligned with the client’s business objectives. Throughout the project, our team prioritized understanding and meeting the target audience’s needs.


Research & Discovery

We conducted extensive research to thoroughly understand the target audience, their insurance needs and the existing market trends. We held workshops and interviews with potential users, insurance specialists and stakeholders to define the project’s goals and requirements, as well as the most needed functionalities of the platform.


During the research and discovery phase, we faced the challenge of identifying the needs and expectations of a diversified group of potential customers and understanding the ins and outs of the insurance industry. We conducted user research and in-depth interviews with insurance experts to overcome these challenges. We also analyzed the competitive landscape and gathered insights on industry trends to identify opportunities for the web app.

Strategy & Planning

During this stage, we defined the project’s scope, created user personas and user stories and developed a content strategy. We also established the user flow, information architecture and the data required to train the AI engine, which served as the foundation for the design and development of the platform.


To overcome the challenge of creating an effective strategy for UmbrellAI, we spent significant time analyzing the data gathered during the research and discovery phase. We developed a product roadmap outlining the key milestones and timelines for the project. We also defined the target audience and user personas and established the app’s unique value proposition.

Design & Prototyping:

We created low-fidelity wireframes based on the user research and planning stage, followed by high-fidelity prototypes. We conducted user testing and made necessary adjustments to ensure the usability and functionality of the platform.


We encountered the challenge of creating a user-friendly interface that would be easy to navigate for users of all ages and technical skill levels. We addressed this challenge by conducting user testing throughout the design process and incorporating feedback from real users.

Testing & Optimization and Development

After the design and prototyping phase, we initiated the testing and optimization process. We performed extensive quality assurance and testing, including functional and compatibility testing. We are executing the development phase by bringing the website to life.


We encountered the challenge of ensuring that the data collected through the platform is highly secure as the databases contain a substantial volume of sensitive clients’ data. We overcame this challenge by providing various cybersecurity solutions and conducting extensive testing and debugging.