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Audit for UniPerks website
Audit Content audit UX

Value delivered

Our audit helped UniPerks identify areas for improving its website’s user experience. Our recommendations enabled them to create a more user-friendly website aligned better with their values. We presented UniPerks with a comprehensive report on our findings and recommendations, highlighting specific areas for improvement. We also delivered a revised version of their content, eliminating grammatical errors and inconsistencies. This project allowed us to showcase our expertise in UX and content audits. We believe that focusing on the customer’s needs and goals can help businesses improve their user experience, increase traffic and conversions and achieve their objectives.


UniPerks is an innovative startup that offers a platform for students to access personalized discounts offered by their partners. To gain access, users must pass a verification process that confirms student status. Once verified, users can access discount coupons provided by UniPerks’ partners.


UniPerks approached our company to conduct an audit of their website’s UX design and content. We audited their website’s UX design and content, identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations to enhance their overall user experience. To uncover clients’ needs and goals, we conducted initial workshops to ensure the project’s scope aligned with their expectations.

UX Audit

To conduct the UX audit, we used our multi-point evaluation scenario to assess UniPerks’ website’s UX design. We focused on various areas, such as the overall look and feel of the website, navigation, perception, functionality, accessibility, CTA (call to action) and copywriting. We evaluated the website’s layout and identified areas where improvements could be made. We also prioritised each recommendation by categorising them into should, could and must. Our audit also included a presentation with screen-by-screen evaluations and suggestions for improvement.

Communication Audit

Our team also audited the website’s content. The process included thoroughly reviewing all written material, such as descriptions of products and services, headlines, subheadings and paragraphs. We checked for grammar and spelling errors, factual accuracy and consistency. We also looked at the tone and style of the content to ensure that it aligned with the client’s brand identity. We provided UniPerks with a detailed report on our findings, along with recommendations for improving their content, including using keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and creating new content where necessary.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the most significant challenges during the project was the short timeline. Our team had to work quickly and efficiently to meet the client’s deadline. Another challenge was ensuring our recommendations aligned with the client’s brand message and vision. We overcame these challenges by prioritizing and presenting our suggestions to the client, along with detailed explanations of how each change would benefit their business.